About Us

Our Founder Adam Shladov’s passion for textiles was the first thread in a lifelong love story, inspiring him to leave his job at age 50 and start a family business with a new approach to global clothing production.

Seeing the potential in new locations across the world, Adam began pioneering fashion in regions such as Kenya and Vietnam before they became well-known in the world of textiles. Since beginning, we’ve woven this forward-thinking approach into an international business that provides fashion to the world’s leading brands and retailers.

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As a family owned and operated company, our senior management is personally involved in every aspect of the business, dealing directly with our partners with a warmth and approachability only CherryField can provide.

With sales and marketing offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Israel, and manufacturing across the globe, our dedicated cross-territory teams also provide optimal and flexible solutions in terms of lead time, product, value, duty regulations and logistics.

Our success has come through patience, learning and understanding that there are no shortcuts. Everything we do requires collective thought, planning, technology and ingenuity. We invest in these to deliver optimal solutions to our customers, helping to give them their competitive edge.