We’re the business that dress over 40 million people worldwide each year, offering a full fashion service from source to shelf: procuring materials, designing products, forecasting trends, developing samples, manufacturing, quality assurance, duty-free allocation, logistics, customer dedicated teams and more.

We know how important flexibility and fast turnaround times can be. Our flexible production layouts and professional teams can quickly adjust setups for changing lead times and orders, meaning we can always keep up with the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry.

With presence in all relevant manufacturing territories and partner factories, we can offer flexibility based on duty regulations, lead time and value, and can deliver directly to each customer’s shelf.

Fabrics & Raw Materials

  • We take pride in our fabric expertise, and our experienced fabric sourcing arm in China means that we can reach far and wide to find the best possible materials.
  • Thanks to our specialists’ knowledge we are able to select more than 5,000 seasonal fabrics, trims and accessories to find the perfect match for each customer’s brand.
  • We work with independent laboratories and maintain close relationships with strategic suppliers to ensure we only use the highest quality of fabrics and materials.

Product Design

  • Our dedicated in-house designers across London, Istanbul and Vietnam have years of expertise between them across all apparel categories and create our Black Label collection.
  • We focus on each customer’s unique ideas, sharing inspiration and creative input when working on each new collection.
  • Forward-thinking trend forecasting capabilities mean that we’re always innovating the latest styles in fashion.
  • With regular collections made for each of our partners, and all aspects of design covered— from print and artwork to 3D shapes and modelling – we offer total design solutions.

Product Development

  • We bring ideas to life through years of technical expertise, and our passionate team work hard to shape, refine and perfect each customer’s design.
  • Our in-house development centres, professional pattern technologists and precise prototype development means we’re involved in every step of product development.
  • Plus, by offering risk and cost analysis procedures throughout the development process, we ensure our customers receive the highest quality apparel at the best possible value.


  • Each of our major factory locations have in-house sample manufacturing lines and dedicated CherryField experts that work closely with customers to offer same-day samples.
  • Our in-house Vietnam sample room is for our customers. Set up like a factory, customers can visit, explore new fabrics and ideas, and see them transformed into high-end prototypes all in one day.


  • A good network is key for speed and happiness. Together with our global network of partner factories, we go above and beyond.
  • We collaborate with award-winning production sites, with thousands of highly skilled fabric, garment and washing technologists across our partner factories.
  • Our bases in all relevant manufacturing territories and constant team presence mean our customers always have a contact at the needlepoint.
  • Award-winning manufacturing units, long-term capacity booking, and product allocation based on duty regulations, lead time and value mean that we offer complete convenient solutions for our customers.

Quality Assurance & Compliance

  • Our quality control teams are on-site throughout the production process, undertaking risk analysis during development stages and ensuring strict inspection of incoming fabric and raw materials.
  • We offer in-line quality inspection and regular end-user testing, with AQL systems in each of our manufacturing units.
  • Dedicated teams enforce social, ethical and health & safety compliance, ensuring the best possible working conditions and supporting employees in their learning process.
  • We slow down the pace for the final quality check, because at CherryField we believe AI cannot replace the human eye.